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Columbia Heights Resident's Statement

The statement below reiterates my telling of the events at Mr. Skinner's Press Conference. _____________________________________________________________________

"In early 2005, I passed by Sinclair Skinner's "press conference" which he had called to protest the proposed Temperance Hall liquor license.  I stood across the street as Taylor – an acquaintance who is now the creator of the dumpskinner.com web site – attended the press conference, which drew no actual press.  I should emphasize that Taylor's is a very calm, low-key individual.  After a while I saw Sinclair Skinner standing very close to Taylor and screaming loudly at him, as Taylor has described on the dumpskinner.com web site.  At no time during that press conference did I see Taylor display any such aggressiveness (screaming) towards Mr. Skinner. I am familiar with Sinclair Skinner and am aware how barbaric he can become when the time arises."