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The House


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UNC Meeting

The Georgia Avenue Defender

Skinner's Press Conference

My Testimonial

Here are the details of my own personal interaction with Sinclair Skinner. Click on the links to the left to navigate the various sections. The sections are arranged in chronological order so they are meant to be read top-to-bottom.

If you have your own personal encounters with Mr. Skinner that you would like to share please contact me.  If you want I will put them on this site, anonymously if requested.


The House: This section covers Sinclair Skinner's support of The House strip club.

Gramzilla: This section talks about Sinclair Skinner's "Gramzilla" posters he hung-up all over the U-Street area that caused a lot of controversy.

Temperance Hall: This section discusses a new restaurant/bar that opened in my neighborhood that Sinclair Skinner nearly shut-down.

UNC Meeting: This section discusses a neighborhood meeting that Sinclair Skinner disrupted and caused a big scene.

The Georgia Avenue Defender: This section discusses Sinclair Skinner's publication called "The Georgia Avenue Defender," and provides proof that he was behind the horrible "Gramzilla" Posters.

Skinner's Press Conference: This section discusses Sinclair Skinner's Press Conference protesting Temperance Hall. Mr. Skinner threatened to kill me when I showed up to counter-protest.