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This section includes responses, to this website, I have recieved. I have stripped out the personal information contained in the messages.


Hi, another possible resource for finding a now missing website may be 'the wayback machine' at www.archive.org

I live in a stretch of irving between sherman and georgia and am glad you are bringing this to the attention of those of us who are less involved than you. My lack of involvement is mostly due frustration leasing to anger with how absolutely retarded the dc government is and I applaud those who fight to make a difference since I can't seem to muster the patience.


The ANC 1B meeting minutes were a great source of entertinment to many when Skinner was on there. You could pull some grwt quotes from those.

I warned Fenty over a year ago that Skinner would bring him down.

Dear Mr. Fenty,
It was brought to my attention today that one of your key campaign staffmembers has engaged in egregious behavior towards people in my neighborhood and others in the city. Through the website,www.dumpskinner.com, and conversations with trusted neighborhood leaders, I have learned that Mr. Sinclair Skinner has engaged in racist and homophobic behavior. I am not going to rehash the details (they are all clearly on the web for you to review), but I do want to know what your position is in regards to the Mr. Sinclair's actions?

I find it hard to believe that you support the type of behavior that Mr. Skinner has exhibited. Mr. Skinner's actions have been devisive to neighborhood community building and in my opinion, criminal at times (threats to individuals). I have always been impressed with your committment to the Petworth neighborhood... and the many wonderful things that exist here and those that are being planned for the neighborhood.

Mr. Fenty, please let me know your position on this matter in the next few days. I have been a vocal supporter of yours since the beginning of your campaign and have proudly had a yard sign for many months. If I do not hear a satisfactory reply within the next 7 days, I will be removing my yard sign and finding another candidate to support. Please, Mr. Fenty, you are a great candidate, do not let an individual like Mr. Skinner bring shame to your campaign.

Mike ******

Thank you for this detailed site. I was not aware of Skinner's ties to Fenty. My wife and I moved into Columbia Heights in 2002 and now have twin sons. We moved into the city from Alexandria in large part to live in a multi-racial area.

Unfortunately, I wasn't planning to vote for Fenty anyway; I think he's a decent fellow, but he's pretty inexperienced in my view.

Have you contacted the local media (if not the Post and Times, then the Common Denominator and City Paper) regarding the Skinner-Fenty connection? It's quite an interesting story in such a close election campaign.

Well I would be interested in talking to you more if you like- both about Skinner of whom I know nothing and Fenty of whom I know a lot. I have lived in the District for 28 years and have seen a lot of changes.

I am also interested in talking about neighborhoods like yours. I happen to agree that we need places to open in neighborhoods- nice restaurants- local pubs- various retail outlets etc. I live in Dupont as you can see from the address. I also agree that it doesn’t matter if they are black or white owners. I can also assure you that neither does Adrian Fenty. I don’t know if you know much about Adrian but he grew up here and his parents have an interracial marriage. His mom is White and his dad is Black. I have shared your website and the information on it with him. As to your not being in politics – that may have been true before you developed the website -but you sure are now. And from what I read about you on your site you are an activist and that means you care and understand that politics and who our leaders are makes a difference in how we live.

If you would like to get in touch please feel free to. Since you took the time to do this website I hope you will agree to talk. It is hard to talk to someone when you don’t know who you are writing too.
My numbers are below.

Thank you for this site. This just seals my vote against Fenty. I had a run-in with Fenty over parking on my street when I lived in Petworth. He refused to help me zone my two blocks for permit. We had tons of out-of-state cars on my street and I accumulated a number of parking tickets for parking too close to stop signs or not having anywhere to park on street cleaning days and had to leave my car on a zoned street. This site just adds to my belief that Fenty doesn't give a care about his consituants.


You put together a really convincing argument about the hypocrisy of this guy. It will be interesting to see how things play out, both immediately, and over the next few months.

Keep up the good work...

****us (new Petworth resident)

you have too much time on your hands...get a life

graham is a cocksucker and i agree with everything Skinner says

you must be a homo too!

I was there, lawn sign and all. I thought this guy has the energy. He's young, he's driven. He strikes an appropriate balance between business and social concerns. Then I read about your staffer, Mr. Skinner. If he remains on your staff, you will not get my vote. While I learned about him through www.dumpskinner.com, I am not inclined to accept the words of a third party. Mr. Skinner's own words were enough for me. He is a rascist thug and a hypocrite. My neighborhood, the H Street corridor is experiencing mamy of the same things as U Street and Georgia Avenue. I do not want someone in a position of power who associates with those who would fan the flames of rascism. Simple equation; Lose Skinner and save my vote.

P.S. As a veteran of several state and national campaigns, let me advise you to truely assess the value he adds to your campain.

Thanks and keep up the other good work that you do.

-Way** ********

A friend forwarded something yesterday that has truly outraged me. I feel compelled to share it with you, be you friend or acquaintance, because I think you will care. Most importantly, I think we ALL need to signal to DC politicians to stop giving a nudge-and-a-wink to intolerance of any stripe.

I will admit that I was sceptical at first of the "press release" forwarded below, although it came to me from a reliable source. After I looked at the www.dumpskinner.com web site I was more convinced but the clincher today was a conversation with a young acquaintance who lives in Petworth. She confirmed for me that Fenty's campaign staffer really is the nightmare that the web site describes. Judge for yourself.

- Je***
I've been hearing a lot about people who tried to discuss this matter with Fenty, whose reaction amounted to a soothing brush-off. That it's all a big misunderstanding, that Skinner's not that kind of guy.

Well, credible people in the community (who largely like Fenty) claim to have first-hand knowledge that Skinner IS that kind of guy. Maybe Fenty doesn't see it, or doesn't believe it, or doesn't want to confront it. But it sounds like he at least owes people a substantive explanation. Unless he thinks he doesn't, in which case people will judge on election day. I hate to say it, but the buzz right now is that many Fenty fans are having second thoughts because of this.

Bill ********

It is not asking too much to ask Councilmember Fenty to show leadership on the question of Sinclair Skinner by publicly discussing this issue. Legitimate questions are being raised by members of the community who are well-known and respected. Their questions should be answered in the public realm. This is not an internal, campaign personnel matter.

I confess to being deeply troubled by this issue. I also have to admit Sinclair Skinner has been very positive in the way he has related to me personally on neighborhood issues. I feel respected and appreciated by him. He has actually been helpful to me in ways. He has been very supportive of the work I have been doing on ANC 4C.

Sinclair should respond to people's questions as well. It would be the honorable and decent thing to do.

My name is Paul ******* and I'm glad to see something like this website addressing this issue. The man is a racist and I plan to write up a testimonial of my own for you but I need to go to work now. I live in *** block of Fairmont, you probably heard about the Howard wall. Thanks for doing this, Paul

Mr. Fenty,
I was made aware of this website through some neighbors of mine:
http://www.dumpskinner.com/ If you nave not seen it, you should really take a look. I am a resident of Ward 4 and was planning on voting for you in the Mayoral election but I don't think I can support someone who has these kinds of connections. Aside from being offended by his blatant racist activism, I feel that Skinner would spell bad news for city development, which means city revenue and you know where that goes. With the fear that if you won the race you would appoint him to some kind of position of political power, I can't vote for you.

I am going to send this website to evey DC voter that I know, which is quite a few, and if you have a "change of heart" about him I would hope that you would announce it publicly and get rid of him.

Andria *****

Mr. Skinner is no racist, anyone who speaks on behalf of the black low income community, you think is out of place, I myself had a problem with different treatment of Sweet Mango's, and Temperance, i was there i know what happen, i could feel the racism in the air, they both are outstanding business and they both deserve a chance to grow in this community, but to allow one to do as they will and put stipulations on the other you tell me what it look like to you, one white owned. and one black. Mr. Skinner has work for this community for a very long time, and because of a personal conflict you want everyone to belive he's a racist, i think that i've been black long enough to know what real racism is, and it's not Mr. Skinner. Just maybe if you look in the mirror you'll fine your racist, and who knows maybe you can help him overcome his way of thinking and looking at people who different from him.

**ron ********

I'm just glad you are willing to engage in the discussion. I think "gentrification" goes beyond the race card, which is played far too often in D.C. politics. Yes, it can be racial- anything can be racial- but the currently it's really a class/income issue. And until we can speak openly and honestly about it, dividers (as Sinclair has proven to be in your examples) will continue to exploit that weakness.

As for CM Fenty: it's hard to say what is motivating his maintanence of the relationship. I believe he and Sinclair are in the same Af-Am frat- the Kappas- which may provide some basis. Additionally, Sinclair has probably proven to be useful in the campaign, at least in terms of recruitment and willingness to dedicate the time and attention to the campaign that it needs. And he isn't ignorant of the political landscape in D.C., which is necessary to any candidate hoping to win a seat in this town.

Oh, it's all so painful! I agree with you completely though: I had hoped it wouldn't come to this. But you have every right (and frankly, a responsibility, in my mind) to speak out with information germane to the conversation. Go on, with your bad self! And good luck.


Taylor (I think that is your name),
Thanks for starting the community dialogue about Mr. Skinner. I hope that your honesty and willingness to put forth an ugly situation is successful and helps steer Mr. Fenty in the right direction.

I had a discussion with Mr. Fenty, on the phone, on Tuesday evening. I am sure you are familiar with what was said. A lot of political speak saying that he had met with you about this and there was no truth to the points you raised... that it was two people with different views and things might have gotten heated (Is Mr. Fenty blind? can he read? does he listen to supporters?). When I questioned specifically about the Georgia Avenue Defender, I was told that Mr. Skinner's name was not on it, but an organizations. I assured Mr. Fenty that I read Mr. Skinner's name in each of the issues on your site. He then stumbled with his words a little and said he would look into it. I'll check with him again to see what he has to say.

Again, thanks for making the community aware of this issue. I am still hopeful that Mr. Fenty will do the right thing. Of all the candidates, I think he is our best choice. I hope he proves that he can lead!

Mike ******
I saw that. That is what prompted my thank you.

From all that you have presented and what I have heard from other people over the last couple of days, his threat of a lawsuit does not surprise me. I can't believe he has any legal legs to stand on. You presented facts and backed them up with documents available to the public. And your information about Mr. Skinner's actions at meetings/press conferences can be verified by other people who were in attendance. I think he is in the wrong line of work if he can not take the public discussion of his actions.