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Click Here to read Volume 1 Issue 1 of Sinclair Skinner’s publication, “The Georgia Avenue Defender.”

Sinclair Skinner distributed this publication throughout my neighborhood. Sinclair Skinner personally handed me a copy of this in front of Temperance Hall and he is clearly listed as the publisher. In it you will see Mr. Skinner’s take on Temperance Hall.  Also you will see, on page #2, his interpretation of what happened at the UNC meeting discussed earlier.  His definition of Gentrification on page #6 is pretty dubious.  Where did he get that from?  www.dictionary.com defines gentrification as “The restoration and upgrading of deteriorated urban property by middle-class or affluent people, often resulting in displacement of lower-income people.” 

The final page of the publication has a cartoon called "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing." It suggests that Temperance Hall is actually a bar posing as a restaurant. This was Mr. Skinner's mantra to try and garner support for his quest to shut the project down. As you will see in the Press Conference Section, the tactic didn't work.

Funny that Mr. Skinner would oppose the project simply because it is a bar, yet has a proven track record of supporting very unscrupulous liquor establishments, such as The House strip club.

Click Here to read Volume 1 Issue 3 of Sinclair Skinner's, "The Georgia Avenue Defender."

This issue was not distributed in my neighborhood, but was distributed to the South of me. The first few pages are fluff material that is very poorly written. The "Message From the Editors" on page #2 is pretty telling. There are some very divisive cartoons mixed into some more fluff pieces.

The final two pages are indescribable, you have to see them for yourself to believe them. Page #11 is a description of the cartoon on the 12th and final page of the publication. If there was ever any doubt that Sinclair Skinner was involved in the "Gramzilla" posters this cartoon should put that notion to rest. How can Mr. Skinner deny his involvement in the “Gramzilla” posters? Better yet, how can Adrian Fenty take Skinner's word that he had no involvement in them?

Compare the two side-by-side:




(To see a higher quality version of the picture above Click Here)

As a side note, you will notice that there are different authors for the various articles in the GA Defender.  These authors are Howard University students who Mr. Skinner has taken under his wing.  They were present at the UNC meeting and at Mr. Skinner’s press conference that will be talked about next.  They also helped distribute the GA Defender and witnesses say they were seen hanging the “Gramzilla” posters with Mr. Skinner.

From a google search I learned that Sinclair Skinner used to run a website.  The website is no longer accessible, but google temporarily retained a cache of the site. 

What I learned from the now defunct website, and later confirmed, is that besides the “Georgia Avenue Defender” there is at least one issue of another publication Skinner created called the “U-Street Defender.”  I am missing Volume 1 Issue 2 of the GA Defender so once again if anyone has a copy that or the "U-Street Defender," please pass them along to me so I can post them here.