Who is the real Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?


Sinclair Skinner is mounting a protest against a restaurant at 3634 Georgia Ave., formerly called The Whiskey now called Temperance.  He claims that this restaurant is a detriment to the neighborhood because there are already too many liquor establishments in the neighborhood.


Sinclair Skinner, however, fought just as hard for the renewal of The Houses liquor license, despite the fact the community and Council Member Graham were vehemently against it.  (The House is a strip club located a block away from 3634 that has had numerous murders and stabbings stemming from violence its customers.)


How can Sinclair Skinner look people in the face and claim that a TGI Fridays-type restaurant is more of a detriment to the neighborhood than a strip club with a very bad tract record?


Sinclair Skinner lives and works by Howard University, yes he is in the general area, but shouldn’t the residents of Park View and Petworth be the ones who decide?  Sinclair Skinner is the president of the Lower Georgia Ave. Business Association, could it be that he is afraid that new businesses are a threat to the status quo on Georgia Ave.?  Are you happy that there are very few places to eat, other than take-out food?


The developers of 3634 Georgia live in Petworth, the owner of the restaurant, Joe, lives in DC and runs 10+ other establishments all with proven success stories.  At a community meeting held in the Park View recreation center last month an ANC member from Capital Hill came out to praise Joe and his two establishments over there saying how they revitalized the area and have never been a problem.


3634 Georgia Ave. has been an abandoned building for 20+ years, how is having a viable, community-oriented, Sunday brunch serving, restaurant bad for the community?


Who is the real wolf in sheep’s clothing?


This message was written by a concerned Park View resident and does not necessarily reflect the views of any organization or government official.